Branko Glad as Che was certainly the highlight of this evening. The Croat has a powerful voice and his English was flawless. "Oh, What A Circus", "And The Money Kept Rolling" and the duet with Evita "High Flying Adored" particualarly stood out as excellent performances.

  - EVITA European Tour, Letzebuerger Journal, Luxembourg, Europe

"...outstanding actor: Branko Glad stood to the side, making clear to the audience Evita was not the saint..."

  - EVITA European Tour, Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany, Europe

"The direction has the revolutionary Che Guevara, outstandingly performed by Branko Glad set on stage..."
"[Branko Glad] who seemed so realistic in his comments and critics describing the life of Evita through her death on the stage."

  - EVITA European Tour, Frankfurter Neue Presse, Germany, Europe

"Broadway-quality actor Branko Glad dominated the audience as the pop star through the performance with great play under the mask of a Revolutionary on Tuesday in Max-Regger-Halle"

  - EVITA European Tour, Oberpfalznetz - Weiden, Germany, Europe

"Performance of the evening: Branko Glad as Che."

  - Billy, MySpace - EVITA European Tour, Fredericica, Denmark

"GREASE brought some fresh faces to the opening night audience (including the Prime Minister) worth remembering. This is especially true for an amazing actor and excellent singer Branko Glad."

  - GREASE - Vecernji List, Croatia, Europe

"Branko Glad is a true delight for eyes and ears!"

  - Northern Light, WI, USA

"We should especially point out an amazing musical achievement by Branko Glad and Vladimir Tinor, as well as attractive Vlatka Buric who proved she can do non-opera music."

  - ASPHALT ROSE - Vecernji List, Croatia, Europe

"... fresh, real and edgy work"

 - Aaron Bogad, Director

"... a director's favorite kind of actor to work with"

  - Sarah Pickett, Producer/Stage Mgr.